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City Title Agency, Ltd. has been in business over 55 years. Senior staff members have a total of 100-plus years of experience in the title examining and escrow closing processes.
Integrity, professionalism and the ability to solve problems pertaining to real estate transactions are the company’s strengths. 
Cooperation with lenders, real estate agents, other title companies and attorneys involve more than setting up an order. A thorough understanding of the process through contract completion, loan application, approval, title search and closing are required to effectively aide the parties involved in successfully completing the transaction without unnecessary delay
Problem Solving:
Problem solving is a major part of any real estate transaction. Experience in the business is a MUST to recognize and solve problems that could delay or terminate a transaction. Possible future litigation is another area that has to be explored. Protection for the broker, its agents, lender, buyer and seller are always in the forefront of a title agent’s activity. Counsel for the staff is always available to discuss potential problems and offer solutions to the problem.